Magnetic Card Reader For POS System

  • Small size, easy to handle
  • Bi-direction read capability
  • 3 tracks of data with a single swipe in either direction
  • Reads High and Low coercivity magnetic stripe cards


Part No. MSR01
Series Type MSR Series
Standard ISO7811
Track Position ISO1(1ATA) ISO2(ABA) ISO3(MINTS)
Recording Density 210BPI 75BPI 210BPI
Recording Capacity 79 characters 40 characters 107 characters
Power Supply DC+5V±5%
Operating Speed 15~120cm/sec
Identification effective rate Above 99.5%
Power Supply DC+5V±5%
Electric Current 65mA(max)
Interface USB/RS232/PS2
Operating Location Indoors
Head Life 800,000 card passes
Temp & Hum for Operating -20°C~70°C, 0∼90%RH
Temp & Hum for Storage -30°C~70°C lower 90%RH
Weight Approx 82g
Product Dimension 90mm*27mm*28mm
Package Dimension 140mm*40mm*65mm