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As a leading manufacturer,DcaPOS have focused on POS hardware production and and accumulated rich experience.

Capacitive touch screen POS terminal, All in one POS machine, Capacitive touch screen monitor, Mini PC, POS system box, Self-ordering Kiosks, Customer display, and other POS peripherals are our main products.

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Our team work dedication

With over 30 years in the commercial electronics industry, DcaPOS has built a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable POS systems. Our deep understanding of the market and commitment to innovation ensures that our products are always at the forefront of technology, meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

We stop at nothing

Our versatile POS systems are designed for a wide range of applications, including retail, restaurant, and hospitality sectors. No matter your industry, DcaPOS has the right solution to enhance your operations and improve customer satisfaction.

We Love To Explore​

At DcaPOS, innovation drives our success. Our R&D division in Shenzhen is comprised of world-class talents and experts dedicated to advancing technology. We operate seven specialized laboratories focusing on radio frequency, electronic engineering, and architecture, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of POS technology.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Our OEM and ODM services allow us to provide customized POS solutions that perfectly match your business requirements. Whether you need specific branding, unique features, or specialized hardware, we work closely with you to design and deliver a product that fits your needs.

Quality and Reliability

DcaPOS products conform to major international certifications, including CE, FCC, ROHS, Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that every POS system we produce meets the highest standards of performance and durability, providing you with reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on delivering POS systems with stable quality that you can depend on. Our systems are built to last and backed by comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring your business operations run smoothly with minimal disruptions. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you, providing peace of mind and long-term reliability.


DCA-X3 is a POS with high quality or standards. While implementing the 11th and 12th generation CPU, the bezel of the 15 inch display is thinner, and the interface is designed to be richer so that up to 6 USBs can be connected, making it a cost-effective POS terminal optimized for the service industry.


DCA-Q3 is a POS with modular design, which was recognized as a best-seller in the industry. We applied the 11th and 12th generation CPUs, and used an ultra-thin bezel and 7H tempered glass monitor to improve touch precision and reliability.


DCA-KSW is a POS terminal with a groundbreaking all-in-one design and powerful performance combined. With an 15.6” touchscreen, a customer display, a fast receipt printer,
and a card reader all integrated into a single terminal, there is no need to consider what to have around it.

Revolutionize Your Business with Our Advanced POS Systems

Our POS systems are designed to meet the needs of retail, hospitality, and service industries. With features like touchscreen interfaces, multi-payment integration, and comprehensive inventory management, our systems enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

DcaPOS always pay attention to the quality improvement. All products have been approved CCC, CE, FCC, and RoHS certificates. Sunany promises reasonable prices, quick lead time, and satisfactory after-sales service.

DcaPOS built a strict inspection system and strictly selected high-quality raw materials. 


We built smart quality management system allows various departments to monitor, manage, and implement necessary changes fast and efficiently.

Costing Save

Based on our reliable suppliers, our cost control enables customers to get the most cost-effective POS System.