Interactive Flat Panel

A Series

Conference interactive screen

Android 13.0/Windows 10

55 to 86-inch Display

USB-C Intererface


4K Solution

Multiple touch screen

Smart Pen Integration

Zero& Bonding

Anti Blue Light

Multiple Front Buttons

Classic version of universal conference whiteboard A Series

Based on the new version Android 13,  A Series interactive flat panel display are designed to revolutionize the way you teach, learn, and collaborate. Our cutting-edge technology provides a dynamic and engaging platform that enhances interaction and boosts productivity in classrooms and business environments.

Unlock Unlimited Potential with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Windows 10 / Android 13.0 OS

Powered by Advanced Android 13,our flat panel ensures lightning-fast performance with 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM. Seamlessly navigate through interactions for an unparalleled experience.

Proximity Sensor for Ultimate Convenience

Walk closer, watch it awaken. No extra steps, just an instant boost for an improved presentation vibe. Stay focused on teaching or meetings, effortlessly boosting efficiency and intelligence in work and study.

Plug and Play

A complete, seamless design fulfills every meeting requirement, including a built-in camera, mic, and touch panel. Whether video conferencing or hosting a local discussion, it’s as easy as plugging in your power cable.

Superior Touch Technology:

  • Multi-Touch Capabilities: Supports up to 20 touch points for collaborative work.
  • High Precision and Responsiveness: Ensures smooth and accurate touch experience.

Ultra HD Display

  • Crystal Clear Visuals: 4K UHD resolution delivers stunning clarity and vivid colors.
  • Anti-Glare Surface: Reduces reflections and provides clear visibility from all angles.

Command Center in Your Hands

ZERO+ Bonding / 20 Touch Points 2mm Min. Touch Object / Windows Ink Compatible

Utilize ZERO+ bonding technology and high-precision touch frames for unparalleled touch accuracy. Enjoy full-channel 40-point touch control and writing capabilities for seamless interactions. Capture even the finest details effortlessly with a minimum touch object size of just 2mm.

Multi-System Compatibility

Effortlessly operate the all-in-one machine with dual switching between the Android system and OPS computer system. Seamlessly manage your interactive flat panel, turning complexity into simplicity with just a touch.

Customized OPS

Plug-and-Play Design/Customizable Configurations

OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) modules are designed to seamlessly integrate with our interactive displays, providing enhanced performance, flexibility, and convenience. These modules simplify the installation, use, and maintenance of your digital signage and interactive solutions, ensuring a powerful and efficient user experience.


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