SMART Interactive Displays

Leading Manufacturer of Interactive Smart panel

Who we are

The leader manufacturer in interactive technology

Easy to use, deploy and support,DcaPOS interactive displays provide value and capability with great price. They’re a solid investment in dynamic, collaborative learning.

Choose from different models engineered to fit every teacher, student, learning environment – and budget.

Versatile Applications

Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, retail spaces, and more.

Make class time quality time

Whether you’re teaching or supporting teachers, make the most of your time with interactive displays powered by DcaPOS’s designed-for-education embedded computing solution. Easy to use from day one, with endless options for student engagement and unique upgradability options, SMART displays are not only built to last but to evolve with the needs of the classroom.

Interactive Flat Panel Display

DcaPOS multi-touch 4k interactive monitor with modern technology that allows a perfect view, for interactive presentations that are easy to use. DcaPOS Interactive Flat Panel Display is an all-in-one solution which can be used as a whiteboard as well as a display for video conferencing. Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays can be integrated with PC, have built-in powerful Sound and display in one unit for ease of use. It is a rugged solution ideal for classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms and display areas.

Trusted world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

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